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Introducing the 3-Pillars of Action

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The 3-Pillars of Action are a framework consisting of 3 individual pillars or strategies that address targeted areas of stress.

Within each pillar, you’ll find tools and techniques proven to be powerful and effective at helping you quickly stop the stress response and all of its negative effects.

The sooner you halt the cascade of chemicals that flood your body with each stress event, the more effectively you’ll minimize the damage caused by stress.

So pick a pillar and take some action!



CFW Pink Bar .75 Size 750x12 T

Quickly reduce stress and bring yourself back into balance in any situation or setting with powerful and effective, yet simple tools to help you begin to Decompress within minutes… 


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Empower yourself and increase your resistance to stress by making healthy lifestyle choices and taking charge of your thoughts, emotions, finances, your schedule and your life… 


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Learn why the way you think about the people, circumstances and events of your life can have a profound effect on your stress, health, relationships, wellbeing and your happiness… 

The 3-Pillars of Action help calm the storm created by stress so you can focus on getting to the root cause, because only when you understand what’s triggering your stress will you be able to truly relieve the symptoms

And after all isn’t relief what you’re really after?

The tools and techniques Chantal teaches make sense. And they work! I love the way she teaches. She has a gift and I would recommend her to anyone struggling with stress and the issues stress causes.

Cheryl C.

Chantal, the things you teach really work, and they’re so easy! Thank you so much!

Mary P.

Hi, I’m Chantal

In case you were wondering…

I’m a Registered Nurse, a Stress Management Specialist and I’ve had a LOT! of personal experience with stress! Just like you, I’ve been stressed-out, burned-out and overwhelmed. I’ve been incapacitated by stress at times, and one thing I can tell you for sure, stress doesn’t fix itself!

I’ve experienced the helplessness, hopelessness and fear that came from feeling my life was out of my control. I’ve felt the disappointment of realizing that no one and no outside event is going to make my life better. I’ve experienced health problems that were the result of chronic stress. And I know personally how damaging stress can be to every part of life. I’ve struggled. I’ve cried. I’ve pushed and I’ve fought. I wanted my life to feel better but I didn’t know how to make it happen.

And finally, when my life became so overwhelming that I was barely more

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